Wealthy affiliate review 2018, Does it really work?

Wealthy Affiliate Overall ranking: 98/100

Price: Starter Membership 0$ ( Join for free )

Price: Premium Membership 49$/month or 359$/year

Owners: Kyle & Carson

Website URL: www.wealthyaffiliate.com

So if you are reading this, there is a good chance you’re looking to start your own business online and you are seeking information if wealthy affiliate would be the place for you to get started if it’s your case you’ll want to keep reading below!

Wealthy affiliate explained and is it for you?

Wealthy Affiliate is like an all in one business helper for anybody who wants to start their own business online and be successful at it. They have all the tools someone needs to create a successful business online, from website hosting, domains, keywords, competition research tools, live video classes teaching you step by step how to build your website.

It is also a great community of over 1 000 000 entrepreneurs who help each others building their business with all different level of skills, experience and success stories to help you, so be certain you will always have somebody there to help you 24/7 if you have any questions, even the owners Kyle and Carson are always there to help so you will never be left alone.

You don’t need any experience with affiliate marketing to get started most people start from nothing, but if you do whether it’s good or bad you will see right away the potential wealthy affiliate has to offer on their website.

Who is it for?

. Now, if you are looking for a ¨get rich option¨ hoping to make thousands of dollars in a week, this is not for you. Wealthy affiliate is about building a consistent business on the long term. It can take quite some time but you can achieve all your goals with it and I can assure you the ¨get rich option¨ does not work, those are only scams like so many on the internet.

You’re probably wondering, are you going to make money? Of course, you are! That is what the community at wealthy affiliate is made for, helping you all along the way to your success. If you are a bit scared because you don’t have many skills in computer, the internet, well let me reassure you, you DON’T need any SKILLS to start a business online and again this is what wealthy affiliate is made for, training anybody from newbies to experts.

How can you benefit from Wealthy Affiliate?

There are so many ways you can benefit from Wealthy Affiliate, I would like to tell you about the training you receive when you are a member and this is worth all the money in the world, because with this training, it WILL lead you to create a successful business, no matter what kind of business you want to create, and all this knowledge is going to be very helpful for you in the future as well, so you have absolutely nothing to lose joining this program.

There is also the wonderful community here to help you all the way in the process of becoming a Wealthy affiliate and by helping you I don’t just mean to answer your questions, they interact with you with your website, making it more attractive, commenting on it ( which help a lot with rankings in google), there is even a member who made a logo for my website for free !! I mean this is like nothing I have seen before, helping one another at it’s finest. You give and take, and this is what makes this community of affiliate so unique and your experience at wealthy affiliate is going to be rememberable, trust me on this!

What will you be doing at Wealthy Affiliate to earn income?

Wealthy affiliate is going to be your platform for anything related to your business and to achieve success. A bit like your personal guru, but it is much more than that, it is a community of thousands of people helping each others towards better future. It is the best place to get trained and working on your business at the same time and the most important, having fun doing so! ¨Turn any passion into a successful online business¨, this is how wealthy affiliate works. The main goal in life of everybody is to be happy and what is the best way to achieve that? By having fun at what you do!

What will you find inside Wealthy Affiliate?

  • Websites & hosting: 2 free websites for starter members, fast and secure hosting
  • Site manager with SiteRubix: Simple to use, access all of your websites from there
  • TONS of training courses, classrooms, certification courses
  • Live video classes: Every week there is a live webinar, free to join
  • Community support 24/7: You can get help any time within the community from people just like you or by the owners themselves
  • Live chat access: If you ever need a quick answer on something you can ask any time on the chat
  • Free keyword tool: Help you find the right keyword to get ranked in Google
  • Completely FREE for starter memberships

It didn’t take me long to realize the potential of being a member in the Wealthy Affiliate community and I am sure we are going to share thoughts on this, come check it out right HERE.

How does their training courses works?

This is one of the best things about wealthy affiliate is how their training works. They made is so easy and they are always updating to keep it simple to understand. All you have to do is follow a step by step task course so you don’t get confused or overwhelm, you might still be overwhelm at first but if you follow the training you are going to see it all makes senses. Also, their training is really interactive, they give you homework to do(always relate to growing your business), they tell you to share what you’ve learned with others affiliates and to ask questions whenever you need. They even have a live webinar every week that you can follow, on

Also, their training is really interactive, they give you homework to do(always relate to growing your business), they tell you to share what you’ve learned with others affiliates and to ask questions whenever you need. They even have a live webinar every week that you can follow, on different subject, great way to learn and you can ask any questions after those webinar and get your answer right away.

What I am showing you right below is an example of what kind of training you can get and this is just a small peek of everything WA has to offer.

 The price

You have two different options for membership at wealthy affiliate

First one: Starter membership: 0$ ( Completely free)

Second one : Premium membership : 49$/months or 359$/year

The starter membership at wealthy affiliate is completely free, no credit card needed, no catches and it can stay this way as long as you want. You get access to over 500 training module, video classes 3 classrooms, your 2 free websites, hosting is supported as well and much more.

The first 7 days, they give you a peek of what kind of support you can get as a premium member. I think it is a great way of showing you the potential of wealthy affiliate, so best thing you could do is go take a look around, see for yourself, you won’t regret it 🙂

My personal suggestion

I know people can be skeptical because of all the scams on the internet, if you join right away you don’t have to pay anything it is completely free, you can stay a starter member as long as you want so that eliminates all the risk. What I would suggest you if you are still not sure about this is to come take a look inside, I promise you, you won’t regret it.

Also, they offer you a bonus if you sign up for a premium membership within the first 7 days, so that gives you time to see the product itself, interact with the community, follow some training, ask any questions you want, and after a couple days if you want to see more( which I am sure you will), sign up before the 7 days and your first month will only cost you 19$, you can always cancel your membership any time you want, but that’s not likely to happen if you are really motivated about your success online. Fair enough?

So, does wealthy affiliate works?

After my time spent on wealthy affiliate , and everything I’ve  learned, I can guaranteed you that WA is a legit program that is going to lead you to your success, but you are the one who needs to do the works, wealthy affiliate is just there to guide you along the road, as well as all it’s members who started just like you and me and a lot of them now are making a full-time income working their business online all because of WA. So, you shouldn’t be hesitating about joining since it is completely free for starter membership. You can see for yourself the potential of being a part of this community.

Thank you for reading this, and I’m hoping to work with you in a near future!

Join wealthy affiliate for free right here

If you want to share your personal review of wealthy affiliate or if you have any questions or comments, leave them right below, I would be happy to hear from you, thank you for reading! 🙂




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